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Powering sustainable dairy applications.

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Protein done better.

ProFerm is already powering a growing category of sustainable dairy products. ProFerm is an earth-friendly way to future-proof your business, while holding on to the things that make our world so tasty and beautiful.

We’re changing the process, not the food.

Changing the process means creating a kinder, greener supply chain.

We’re using the power of precision fermentation to make a kinder, greener future a reality.

Painting of a road and hills

Winning hearts, minds, and imaginations.

Creamy and smooth, I was almost surprised how much it didn’t surprise me at all. All I could think was “yep, that’s ice cream.”

So creamy and flavorful that you can barely tell that it’s animal-free.


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If you haven’t heard of them, @PerfectDayFoods is absolutely amazing, they’ve managed to find a way to make perfect milk protein without animals, and it’s also not GMO.

Thanks to our partnership with Perfect Day, Brave Robot is one of the fastest-growing new brands in the ice cream category.

…it is cheese – emphatically creamy, tangy, indulgent cheese.